What's all this about?

Wifi hotspots are an internationally recognized term by travelers (leisure and business) with laptops and similar devices, identifying places they can gain remote access to the internet.  These can be transport hubs, cafes, accommodation, visitor centres, outdoor public spaces, libraries etcetera.

  • goHOTSPOTTM is a clever Kiwi product that enables easy self service (credit card) prepay plans for travelers, over any existing broadband connection that have become resellers.
  • goHOTSPOTTM can be accessed by users 24/7.
  • goHOTSPOTTM is also easy care for the site host (reseller), simply self installed, is user driven (no impact on your staff), with secure firewall seperation, and generates a commission for the reseller on all traffic used.
  • goHOTSPOTTM resellers can be established anywhere that has a Broadband connection simply by plugging in our access device.  There is no contractual term or exclusivity requirement and we provide a 30 day money back guarantee* on the access point.
For a list of customer purchaseable rates click here

How will it work for me?

  1. goHOTSPOT users create an account and purchase credit using our secure credit card facilities at http://www.gohotspot.net.
    This can be done from anywhere in the world, whether connected to a goHOTSPOT access point or not.
    We accept Visa and Mastercard as payment options
  2. They then logon to the internet at any of our access locations.  We record where they logon and how much internet they use while online.
    For a list of our goHOTSPOTTM locations click here
  3. We calculate and pay you a percentage based commission at a time nominated by you. The
    commission that we pay back to you is based on actual usage at your location, not where the purchase was made.  This means that you will never be left out of pocket when your broadband bill arrives from your ISP.
At any time you can logon to the goHOTSPOT website, check out the usage and commission due for each goHOTSPOT access location and ultimately request payment for those amounts.
To View your usage and commission stats click here

What about security?

goHOTSPOT access points and their users are completely secured from your network and computers by our custom firewall. When the user logs in they can access the internet, until then they can only access the goHOTSPOT website to create an account and purchase credit.

So what does it all cost?

goHOTSPOT access points start from just $295 including GST.  A busy location could recover that initial outlay in as little as one month.  You’ll be adding value to your service and earning money at the same time, no if’s, but’s or maybe’s?
Click here to order a goHOTSPOT access point for your location
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